• Fast, personal feedback on student work

    Quickly give every student the feedback they need to improve, for free

  • Fast and Effective Feedback

    Research shows that feedback is the most effective way for students to learn, but providing meaningful feedback in the classroom isn't always possible. Kaizena makes feedback fast and personal without taking up classroom time.


    The new version of Kaizena works directly inside Google Docs: record voice comments, use pre-made comments, and rate skills right on the student's assignment.


    The standalone version of Kaizena is still available, and all your existing classes and feedback are still there! It's now called the Kaizena Web App, and you can sign in HERE.

  • Feedback Features

    Voice comments

    Speak instead of type

    Record voice comments for your students! Voice comments are up to 75% faster, and allow you to convey tone to students.


    Stop repeating yourself

    Save frequent comments to reuse quickly: from explanations of comma splices to YouTube videos, lessons can save you time! We also have a selection of pre-made curated lessons to choose from.


    Track and rate progress

    Rate students on skills they demonstrate in their work, and see how they improve over time. Customize each skill to fit your needs.

  • Easy Setup

    It just takes one click to add Kaizena to your Google Docs.


    Install Kaizena in one click

    No Sign Up for Students

    Students don't need to remember a password or sign into another website - they just open Kaizena right in Google Docs to hear your feedback.

    Your G Suite Admin can easily install Kaizena for all students: click here for more details.

  • Ready to get started?

    This video will give you a short introduction to Kaizena's feedback features.

  • Join over 100 000 teachers in 50+ countries using Kaizena to help their students

    “Now, my kids are receiving more feedback, and much more detailed feedback. No longer constrained by the amount of space left on the page, or the ache in my forearm.”

    Katherine Cozens

    Year 10 English Teacher

    “We’ve gained a lot of class time back since my one to one conferences now take place directly on the students’ writing.”

    Jenna Falconer

    PreAP English Teacher

    “Students will be reeled in by the ability to get detailed feedback from peers or teachers. The easy-to-use interface and dashboard help kids stay engaged.”

    Stephanie Trautman

    Teacher and Common Sense Education reviewer

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